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 CERN’de deneyim kazanmak, tezinize katkıda bulunmak, 6-36 aya arasında CERN’de bulunmak   ister misiniz?

Başvurular için son tarih : 16 Ekim 2017

Katılımcıların yaşam masrafları, sağlık sigortaları ve yolculuk masrarları karşılanacaktır.

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The Doctoral Student Programme is aimed at postgraduate students preparing a doctoral thesis in applied physics, engineering or computing to spend between 6 to 36 months at CERN. Students specializing in theoretical or experimental particle physics are not eligible under the Programme. Candidates may already have a thesis subject defined with their home university OR they may be looking for a thesis subject. In the latter case, CERN proposes some thesis descriptions(link is external) which may then be discussed between the student, his/her home university and CERN.
Eligibility conditions

  • You are a national of a CERN Member State. Cypriot, Indian, Pakistani, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenia and Turkish nationals are also eligible.
  • Students from Non-Member States are able to apply only if they have been residing in a Member State for the last 5 years and are currently studying in a Member State.
  • You have started or are about to start a doctoral programme at a CERN Member State university.
  • Your work envisaged at CERN is all or part of the thesis work required to obtain your PhD. Daily supervision of the student during the period at CERN will be the responsibility of a CERN staff member. The award of the degree remains the responsibility of the applicant’s university. Hence in each case the academic arrangements will be discussed between the university thesis supervisor and the CERN supervisor.
  • You have a good knowledge of English OR French.

Doctoral Studentships are for 6 months initially, and are normally renewable for a further 12 months. The total period (up to 36 months) may extend over a maximum duration of four consecutive years.

Disciplines:  Applied physics, IT, mathematics, electrical, electronic, mechanical or civil engineering, instrumentation for accelerators and particle physics experiments, materials science, radiation protection, safety and environmental protection, science communication, surveying, ultra-high vacuum.

Students specialising in theoretical or experimental particle physics are NOT eligible to apply for this programme.

What We Offer

    • A monthly living allowance to cover the expenses of a single person in the Geneva area.
    • A health insurance for illnesses and accidents of professional or non-professional nature.
    • Travel expenses (on a lump sum basis).
Selection Procedure

Applications are considered by a Selection Committee which meets two times a year in June and December. Results are communicated after the Committee. Dates and corresponding deadlines for application are available on our web site by clicking here.

Documents Required (in addition to the application form)

Once your application form has been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail which contains a link to the CERN “Report on candidate” form. You must forward this link to at least one referee. One reference letter from your University Professor is mandatory (should you no longer have any links to your academic environment, we will then accept a reference from a previous employer / internship supervisor). NOTE: Reports from last committee will not be accepted.

Students must also upload their most recent academic transcript (offical document giving an overview of their marks), as well as a CV(English or French) in order to complete their application.

Candidates who are missing one of these documents by the deadline will not go through the selection process.

Next selection committee: 5 December 2017 / placements will not start before February 2018.


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